Activity Guide Lesson 1

Website Name    Why Visit It?   Why Was it Made? It allows users to search for and access other websites through its website and to use their services, such as youtube and google drive. It was made as a way for people to find websites in an organized and efficient way. The company profits through running ads, which people see when they use the search engine. Allows users to purchase almost any product online and have it shipped to their house quickly. Created originally as a way to sell books online to expand the market and the number of people the products can be sold to. Now that same ideas applies to all the products it sells, with a focus on competitive pricing and fast delivery. When they pay a low monthly fee, users have unlimited access stream thousands of TV shows and movies. Intended to be a more efficient way to rent DVDs, the company evolved to a streaming service where people can have a fairly inexpensive way to access thousands of videos.


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Submarine Cable Questions

How is what the cables are connected to decided?

They are built between two places where communication is necessary. For example, there are a major amount of cables between Asia and U.S, and Europe and the U.S. This is because there is a lot of information going back and forth from these places

How much data can these cables carry?

a. 5 terabits per second

b. 1050 megabits per second

c. 600 kilobits per second

d.  160 terabits per second

Is maintenance done to these cables?

Yes, the cables can be damaged by many things. Ships, marine life, and earthquakes can cause cables to stop working. However there are systems in place so that if a cable breaks it will not create a loss of communication, there multiple cables that are carry the same information. If a cable is old and cannot carry the same info as newer cables, it will not be fixed and will remain unused on the ocean floor.

Which of the following can be represented in a binary state? Choose 2 answers.

b. Voting on a House Bill- simple…

Credit Card Basics

Annual Fee The fee charged yearly by credit card companies for owning a credit card. Some companies do not charge an annual fee. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) The yearly interest rate that is charged on any money that is owed to the a credit card company. The way to avoid paying interest is by paying credit balances in full when they are due. Credit Line The amount of money that can be charged to a specific credit card account. The average credit line is $8,071. Cash Back/Rewards A program where credit card companies give back a percentage of they money spent using the card. Designed to be an incentive for people to use a certain company. Balance In terms of credit it is the amount of money owed. For personal banking it is the the amount of money in a savings or checking account. Minimum Payment The minimum amount of money that a consumer is required to pay in order to stay in good standing with the credit card company. This is a monthly payment and is usually between 1% and 3% of the balanc…

Data/Location Articles

Article 1 The main point of the article is to explain how companies are always using user's data, even when they turn off location based services. This apps that do not charge user’s to use them can continue to provide that service. It is difficult for smaller companies to get advertising companies to work with them so they sell anonymized data to third parties in order to stay in business. It also talks about how Facebook and google have partnered to make so that Walmart items can be purchased on Google's e-commerce service. Also how the Department of Justice was getting information about people who visit anti-Trump sites, how they only stopped when one company spoke up against it and if this happened and how if the company did not intervene the government would most likely continued to pull data.

Article 2 This article explains how for $1000 someone can sign up with a large online advertising company and track people’s locations through ads. They can see where they are with l…

Microchip use in humans

Pros Using microchips can make everyday life much easier. For example, a microchip put into a person's hand could replace keys, and eliminate the need to remember passwords for electronic devices. It could be used to as a positive in law enforcement, prisoners could be tracked at all times so it would always be known who was involved if any issues broke out, it could also be linked with guns, so that only the person who the gun is registered to can fire it. This would mean less accidental firing of guns, and would prevent guns from being used if they were stolen. Using microchips would be more secure than any cards or a wallet. Having a microchip in your body in place of those things would prevent them from being stolen. It would be very difficult for someone to steal something that is under your skin.
Cons Security risk- if all of a person's information was to be stored on one chip, it would be very dangerous if someone gained access to it. If a way to get into the chips was fo…