Data/Location Articles

Article 1 The main point of the article is to explain how companies are always using user's data, even when they turn off location based services. This apps that do not charge user’s to use them can continue to provide that service. It is difficult for smaller companies to get advertising companies to work with them so they sell anonymized data to third parties in order to stay in business. It also talks about how Facebook and google have partnered to make so that Walmart items can be purchased on Google's e-commerce service. Also how the Department of Justice was getting information about people who visit anti-Trump sites, how they only stopped when one company spoke up against it and if this happened and how if the company did not intervene the government would most likely continued to pull data.

Article 2 This article explains how for $1000 someone can sign up with a large online advertising company and track people’s locations through ads. They can see where they are with l…

Microchip use in humans

Pros Using microchips can make everyday life much easier. For example, a microchip put into a person's hand could replace keys, and eliminate the need to remember passwords for electronic devices. It could be used to as a positive in law enforcement, prisoners could be tracked at all times so it would always be known who was involved if any issues broke out, it could also be linked with guns, so that only the person who the gun is registered to can fire it. This would mean less accidental firing of guns, and would prevent guns from being used if they were stolen. Using microchips would be more secure than any cards or a wallet. Having a microchip in your body in place of those things would prevent them from being stolen. It would be very difficult for someone to steal something that is under your skin.
Cons Security risk- if all of a person's information was to be stored on one chip, it would be very dangerous if someone gained access to it. If a way to get into the chips was fo…

The Microwave

Jack Greenhalgh 9/19/17
The Microwave
A microwave is something that every house has. It may be on a table or above a stove but it can usually be found somewhere in every home. They are average 18 by eleven inches and  have a small door with buttons next to it. It performs a simple function, you put something inside it, tell it what to do with it, and it does it. Microwaves are used to cook, reheat, or defrost food and beverages. The food or drink is placed inside, and the user must program is done with it. There are settings for things such as popcorn, meats, vegetables and pasta. Timed cooks can also be programmed.  It will in most cases not cook things such as plastic, glass and ceramics. Only products with certain molecules can be cooked in a microwave. The process of using the microwave begins with putting something inside it. The product should be in or on another product that will not be cooked in the microwave. Once it is inside the user must choose a setting to cook it on. When t…

Dishes Algorithm

1.if dishes present 2.                take dish from sink 3.wash under hot water 4.scrub dish with sponge 5.if is still dirty 6.continue to scrub 7.else 8.

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